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Facial Esthetique

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price:50,000JPN(tax included)

Intensive care for the face will not only make your face look smaller, but also make your skin one tone brighter.
It is chosen by tourists who come to Japan, as well as those who plan to take photos, make speeches, or hold events in Japan.

Service Content


  • 80 minute facial treatment
  • Present (cleansing, face wash, gloss factor 30ml)
japan esthetic salon

It is a treatment that warms the body, and a pleasant time flows. It tightens the face and makes it one tone brighter.

japan esthetic salon

Even after the treatment at the salon is over, I want to keep the customer’s face clean…
W Slimming Esthetic customers are gifting a premium cleansing and cleansing foam and gloss factor 30ml.

W Slimming Esthetic. machine
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